Jobs in retail

Modern retail offers exciting employment career opportunities to anyone who is prepared to work hard and approach their job with an open mind.  


There are usually some formal entry requirements and most companies offer a basic starting salary. However, people who work hard and show enthusiasm and ability can go far.  


Longer store opening hours have resulted in more flexible working hours and an increase in part-time opportunities.


Many people start in warehouse work, but there are a wide range of job opportunities for people once they’ve started. There is currently a need for freight and passenger drivers. Over the next few years, air transport opportunities will also increase.


The main types of opportunities in modern retail are;

Food outlets.
High-street stores.
Retail parks.
Home shopping.

ETS provides Employers with trained & competent workforce support service;


Store manager.

Deputy store manager.

Department manager.

Sales supervisor.

Customer service assistant.


Sales assistant.

Shelf filler.

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